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Spanish Stories

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Chronological Bible Storying - Spanish

Audio recordings (MP3s) as well as texts are available for most of the Spanish stories, and these are available either individually or in aggregate collections of several stories together.

These stories were selected for a Catholic/Animist world view. In other words, different stories might be selected for someone that is less animistic. Our story list is simply a start for someone who will investigate the world view of a culture and select appropriate stories.

Most of the stories come straight out of the Dios Habla Hoy version of the Bible.

Six Basic Questions

Seis Preguntas Básicas para Utilizar con las Historias
  1. ¿Qué parte de la historia le gusta más?
  2. ¿Qué parte de la historia le molesta?
  3. ¿Qué parte de la historia no entiendes (o) ¿Tienes algunas preguntas sobre la historia?
  4. ¿Qúe nos enseña esta historia sobre Dios?
  5. Según esta historia, ¿qué debemos hacer?
  6. ¿Puede repitir la historia ahora?

Individual Story Texts and Recordings

Old Testament 1 (The Word of God to The Tower of Babel)
Old Testament 2 (Abraham)
Old Testament 3 (Jacob to Joseph)
Old Testament 4 (Moses)
Old Testament 5 (Joshua, Judges, Kings, Prophets)
New Testament (Birth to Ascension)
For New Churches (Acts)
Additional Stories

Lists of Stories

Icon La Pista de las Historias Básicas
Basic list of 52 Old Testament (AT) through New Testament (NT)
La Pista Corta (37 Historias)
Short list of 37 stories from Old Testament (AT) through New Testament (NT)
Icon La Pista de las Historias para Nuevas Iglesias
12 stories from Acts
Icon La Pista de las Historias de Discipulado
Extended list--basic list expanded to include additional stories.
Icon Cultural Worldview Issues by Story
Notes on worldview issues discovered in Extended list of stories within the Quechua culture. Some serve as a bridge, others as a barrier.
Las Historias para Preparar para ser Miembro de la Iglesia
Stories to prepare a believer to become a church member
La Pista de 27 Historias de Hechos
27 stories from Acts
El Reino de Dios y Apocalipsis
Parables of the Kingdom and Revelation
Pistas para 11 Coleciones de Historias
11 collections of stories about:
  1. Persecution
  2. Prayer
  3. Obedience in Discipleship
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Healing
  6. The Parables of Jesus
  7. Women
  8. Dreams and Visions
  9. Witchcraft and Divination
  10. Idolatry
  11. Hope

Collections of Story Texts and Recordings

Texts 48 kbps MP3s* 16 kbps MP3s*
ATSpan1 (1-8) Palabra de Dios a Torre mp3 (22MB) mp3_16 (7MB)
ATSpan2 (9-13) Abraham mp3 (19MB) mp3_16 (6MB)
ATSpan3 (14-20) Jacob to Joseph mp3 (30MB) mp3_16 (10MB)
ATSpan4 (21-30) Moises stories mp3 (47MB) mp3_16 (15MB)
ATSpan5 (31-36) Josue,Jueces,Reyes,Profetas mp3 (27MB) mp3_16 (9MB)
NTSpanish (37-52) Nacimiento a Ascencion mp3 (47MB) mp3_16 (15MB)
NI Español 1-12 (Acts) mp3 (38MB) mp3_16 (12MB)
    see also Additional Stories    

*MP3s are available in 2 sizes, either high-quality speech or lower phone/AM radio-quality files.  

Articles and Documents

Conferencia para el Método Cronológico
Basic Plan for Practical Storying Workshop (4 day)

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