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What is Chronological Bible Storying?


The Bible is the story of God's love for us written across the pages of history by the very hand of God. The story of salvation through Jesus Christ begins, not in Bethlehem, but "In the beginning," and continues through each epoch of Biblical history. People who have not grown up in Sunday School especially need to hear the entire narrative of God's salvation so that they can really grasp the meaning of Jesus' life and sacrifice for us.

Most cultures are oral culture where the primary means of learning everything has always been through oral transmission. Even for a highly literate society like our own, many people learn best from stories. What's more, since historic events have been God's primary means of revealing himself to us, the narrative of the Bible will always remain a primary means for us to learn principles and truth.

Six Basic Questions

Here are 6 basic questions that can be used with the Bible stories:
  1. Which part of the story did you like best?
  2. Which part of the story made you uncomfortable or bothered you?
  3. Which part of the story do you find hard to understand? Or: Do you have some questions about the story?
  4. What does this story teach us about God?
  5. According to the story, how are we supposed to act?
  6. Can you retell the story now?

Chronological Bible Storying is simply the practice of telling the major events of the story of God's salvation from beginning, to the death and resurrection of Jesus, and to the end of time. The practice of Bible Storying is usually carried out in a small group setting with a leader who tells the story to the others and facilitates discussion and learning from the story. The goal of Storying is to tell--and rehearse--the story so that each person present not only learns from and about the story, but is also able to accurately retell the story to others.

This site contains links to resources and articles about Chronological Bible Storying, and story materials in English, Quechua, and Spanish. The materials include lists of stories that have been used, the text of stories, and recordings of stories.

Feel free to download the materials and use them for the glory of God and the furtherance of his Kingdom. 

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