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Worldview - Key to Pictures

5 - Characteristics of False Religions

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  1. Rejection of God's general revelation in nature
  2. First people turn to make idols
  3. Then, God gives them over to immorality to dishonor their bodies
  4. Finally, they become depraved in their minds to do all sorts of evil
  5. As a result, they try to do good works to give them a good standing in the afterlife
  6. Many false religions tend toward syncretism
  1. Rejection of God's special revelation Bible, Jesus, Holy Spirit
  2. They either reject Jesus' deity, claim people can become god, believe in many gods, or deny there is a god at all
  3. They might add a book to the Bible
  4. May believe in many paths to god
  5. Often a demon has appeared to them teaching them false doctrine
  6. Antichrists are in the world

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