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Costa Rica - Background Information

We have worked with the Jones now for about 10 years.  The Jones brothers, Timothy, Philip, and David grew up in the rainforest mountains of Costa Rica, as their parents were the first missionaries there to work on a Cabecar translation of the Bible.  Timothy Jones lives on the edge of the Indian reservation in Grano de Oro, Costa Rica, high in the mountains.  He has a beautiful wife and 6 children. They live on a banana and coffee farm, which they have started and operated themselves. Philip Jones lives a bit to the north of him.  Philip is married and has 2 children. He is building a school for Cabecar children, and also helps out with the translation work.  David Jones lives south, and also works among the Bribri tribe.  He has a unique discipleship program involving vocational skill training. He also works on the translation.

We have been working with the Jones in various ways. Joe has been a translation consultant for them, and has helped them also in finding illustrations for their books of the Bible.  We have taken teams there to do various kinds of work. On our first trip, we took a team to make an 8 foot topographical map of the Holy Land, for use in their Bible teaching classes. We also participated in some visitation and church services.

Recently we took a team to lead a discipleship conference for an indigenous church in the mountains. We went to test out our materials to see if they worked in this culture. It was interesting to find that the Cabecar people caught on very quickly to the pictures and the teachings. We realized that the Shamans used pictures on their staffs to teach their own mythological cosmology. So when we introduced the drawings, they were very interested to learn the drawings for their new faith in Christ.  We taught children through adults at the conference. Our own kids taught some of the lessons to some of the children.

Currently, we are working on making a distinctive Cabecar version of our theological materials.  Once we have an artist in place and also have the Spanish translation completed, we will be ready to begin working on a Cabecar version and to lead some more conferences.

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