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Kenya - Background Information

The security situation in Kenya varies greatly depending on location. Pray especially for the Rift Valley and the Nairobi slums. While we did not be visit either of these locations, pray for peace for the sake of the people in these places, and for the God's kingship to reign in people's lives. Equip Disciples is planning three discipleship conferences for the summer of 2010. They will be held in various locations throughout Kenya. Two of the conferences will be level 1 conferences.  The third conference will be an advanced conference since we have already held 2 conferences in that location. In Kenya we work with an individual pastor, an evangelical pastors association, Kenyan Bible translators, and Baptists in Kenya.

Equip Disciples has worked in Kenya since 2008, leading conferences in some of the rural areas. We have trained over 400 church leaders over the past 2 years.  Some of the leaders attending our conferences have returned to their own cities and villages to lead training conferences for the pastors in their area. 

Plans in the near future include starting an Equip Disciples printshop/bookstore/cafe in Kenya so that access to our materials will be more readily available to local churches.  The printshop will also serve as a way to generate funds for our conferences, and to support local youth who have worked in our ministries, to achieve their educational goals as future ministers and Christian businessmen. 


News - Current Events

Rival politicians sign peace deal
Power-sharing agreement reached. 02/28/08
BBC overview on Kenya
Includes links to stories on recent election crisis.


Societal Issues

Call for the church to foster reconciliation
Discipleship, prophetic role are key.
Pornography a big problem
Problem in the media, including FM radio, and in public places, including public transportation (matatus). 06/02/08
Mob kills 11 for alleged witchcraft
300 young men carry out lynching - western Kenya. Another source; 19 have been arrested. 05/22/08
Male circumcision used to combat AIDS
Medical, tribal issues. 05/25/08
Drugs, sex-trade cause calls for discipline in schools
In Kilifi, schools are confronted with drug abuse and sex-trade problems. Calls for re-introducing corporal punishment highlight another reported problem: child abuse. In our view, the problem of discipline is solved with discipleship beginning in the home. 04/03/08


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