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Seven Days in Congo...  2007

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Seven Days in Congo...

Our team of people from First Baptist Church, Arlington, TX traveled 3 days to Butembo, DR Congo in the summer of 2007. At this time, we partnered with ALARM Ministries to lead a church leadership conference focusing on HIV/AIDS Awareness and ministries; Discipleship and Theological Training; and Trauma Counseling.

Our purpose: to strength leaders in the churches, both lay and clergy, so that the African church can be a vital and growing body of believers both inwardly and outwardly.

The church needs strengthening!

Background of East and Central Africa

  • With 390 million Christians in Africa with little Biblical background, the church is a mile wide and an inch deep.
  • There is extreme hardship from tribal or religious wars (Many of them live in isolated areas).
  • There are wide-spread diseases such as HIV/AIDS, and other epidemic diseases.
  • Many people live in extreme poverty.
  • Churches have little or no discipleship, leadership training, education, or adult and children's ministries.
  • People cannot afford to own Bibles or resources (Some preachers must share Bibles, or Bible portions because they cannot afford a Bible).
  • Christians are largely syncretistic (the mixing of tribal religions with Christianity).
  • False teachings are wide-spread.
  • Islam is spreading from Northern Africa.
  • Churches are not sending many missionaries.

How we purposed to help:

  • We wrote and prepared teachers to teach a discipleship curriculum which could be used either in literate or illiterate settings to strengthen the church in Biblical theology; identifying false religions, evangelism, reconciliation, stewardship, family relationships, God's commands, living in the Kingdom of Light, and spiritual warfare.
  • We provided HIV/AIDS awareness education, teaching them about HIV/AIDS; how to care for people with HIV/AIDS in poverty settings; and how to reach out to begin ministries to those with HIV/AIDS in the community.
  • We provided a basic workshop on how to set up trauma counseling sessions in the church.
  • We provided a model for children's ministry by leading discipleship classes for children who were victims of war and HIV.

This year we have formed our own ministry in order to expand the work of discipleship missions around the world. Write us to inquire how you can be involved for this year's conferences in DR Congo and Kenya.

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