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Free downloads of numerous resources here at Equip Disciples are described and linked below, in addition to the many other materials linked below.

Discipleship Materials

Theological Discipleship Materials
Transforming worldviews with a Biblical Perspective. Materials include a series of illustrations portraying a Biblical worldview, plus discussion and a wealth of Biblical references.
HIV-AIDS Prevention and Care: With Biblical Insights
Booklet for teaching how HIV spreads, how to prevent it, and how to care for those who are infected. Available for download:
In-depth Bible Studies
Bible studies for personal and/or group use from various contributors. - downloads

Ebola Training

Pamphlet available in several languages HERE


Bible Study Tools

Free Bible study software program. Numerous translations and languages. Several user communities provide additional content. Large Spanish community with many resources. Pocket e-Sword for Windows mobile is also available for your pocket PC phone. - more info
The Word
Free Bible study software program under development, similar to e-Sword, but with some potentially more advanced capabilities. - more info
Bible software for your PDA or Smartphone, including several translations for free. - more info
The Bible in multiple languages, versions, and formats, available for searching and linked for cross-references.
Includes a few different English Bibles, such as Good News Translation. Some additional resources, such as 10,000 Sermon Illustrations from Logos.

Audio Bible Resources

MegaVoice Development
MegaVoice audio players provide a key way to communicate Scripture recordings to pre-literate people. These pages provide resources for preparing MegaVoice players for distribution. - more info
Hosanna - Faith Comes By Hearing
Hosanna produces audio Bibles in hundreds of languages, both major languages (English--NIV, GNB, KJV, NKJV, NRSB, NIRV, NAB, CEV; Spanish--DHH, NVI, RV95; French, etc.) and minority languages. In audition to solar-powered players for large audiences, they have personal MP3 players, and free MP3 Bible downloads.

Chronological Bible Storying

Chronological Bible Storying in several languages
Learn to tell the Bible stories in oral cultures.

Evangelism Resources

Resources on World Religions
    Sources for researching other religions.


Believers or Followers?
What does it mean to be a Christian? And what is true faith?

Language Helps

Language Learning Resources
Links to dictionaries, grammars, and other language resources.
Cabécar Language Introduction
Introduction to Cabécar for volunteers on our mission trips. Includes recordings of pronunciations, greetings, phrases, and selected scriptures.

Other Resources

Trip Preparation Resources
Resources specific to preparation to go on mission with Equip Disciples.
Private Resources
Resources for Bible translators, etc. Password required - contact us for information.

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