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Resources on World Religions

This page provides links to information about other world religions. Sources are identified by whether they are from a Christian perspective and by what religions they discuss. This is a great place for learning so you can be better prepared to share your faith with friends from other religions.

From a Christian Perspective
Answering Islam
Includes Index to Islamic terms and beliefs.  Has a section "For Christians."  Site is entitled "a christian-muslim dialog," but it is strictly one-sided.
Beyond the Wall--IMB
International Mission Board sponsored site on reaching the Muslim world with the Good News of Jesus.  Includes maps, news, educational, and missions information.
Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts
An entire book online devoted to the issues of sharing Christ to animistic cultures by Dr. Gailyn Van Rheenen.
Comparative (Eastern) Religions
Comparison of Eastern Religions with Christianity
    Y Y        
Crescent Project
Online training, podcasts, and other resources for speaking theologically to Muslims.
Evangelizing Roman Catholics             Y  
Articles and testimony from an ex-atheist.
Good News for the Crescent World
This local ministry headed by Dr. Samuel Shahid of Southwestern Seminary is an excellent source of information on Islam (for Christians) and Christianity (for Muslims).  Many good resources.
Just for Catholics             Y  
Muslim-Christian Dialogue email list
Ongoing discussions; also links.  Sponsored by a christian fellowship.
NAMB Belief Bulletins
Includes an overview of World Religions and how-to pamphlets for witnessing to specific religions.
  Y Y Y Y   Y Baha'i, Sikhism;
also cults, denominations
Reaching Catholics             Y  
Statistical Charts on World Religions Y Y Y Y Y Y    
Comparative pages, commonalities, contradictions
Y Y Y Y Y     others
Watchman Fellowship
Focus on cults; includes comprehensive index of cults
Witnessing to Catholics   Y Y Y Y Y Y  
World Religions Index
Information to equip Christians to share; includes testimonies, comparative tables.  Sponsored by Campus Crusade.
Y Y Y Y Y     cults
Other Information
(not necessarily Christian Perspective)
A to Z World Religions
Index of sites presenting/promoting various religions.
  Y Y Y Y Y   Humanism, cults, and others
BBC Religion & Ethics
Includes news and interest articles
  Y Y Y Y Y   Mormon, Sikh, Baha'i
Promotes respectful access to various religious beliefs, including dialogues
Y Y Y Y Y Y   more
Major World Religions
  Y Y Y Y Y   others
Religious Tolerance
Site promoting tolerance, aiming for objective descriptions of religions
Y Y Y Y Y Y   others
Shiite Muslims compared with Sunnis
5/10/03 Dallas Morning News article discussing the distinctives of Shiite Muslims (10% of Muslims) vs. Sunnis (85%).  Includes useful chart at bottom.

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