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Display Options - Technical Info

Several options are available to help ensure the compatibility of the information on this site.  Selections are made on the left navigation bar.

Nasalized Vowels

Nasalized vowels are indicated by an underscore under the vowel.  This was an easy typographical method for typewriters, but more complex for web publishing.  Two methods are provided; choose the appropriate method for your browser:

  1. Unicode characters (default) - preferred method - see if sample word below displays correctly
  2. Simple underlining - use this method if unicode method does not work in the following sample

Sample: saia (look for underscores under the two a's)

Sound Playback

Sounds can be played using two methods.  The second is used as the default on each page because of the speed/download issue.

  1. Helper Application (default) - page only contains links to the sound files and permits the page to load in the minimum time.  The links can be used two ways:
    1. Click to play: the file loads in a separate application window.  This requires toggling back to the browser window after each click on a sound link. 
    2. Right-click and choose Save Target As... option to download file to your local disk.


  2. Embedded playback - plays sound files within the page using an embedded application.  While this can be much more convenient, it requires that all sounds be downloaded to the page first, which can take many seconds--especially on a dial-up connection.  Also, it may raise compatibility issues.  It requires a plugin player such as QuickTime, and and you may have to specify the mp3 MIME type for the plugin; click here for more help on this plugin.  (Note that longer sound files do not provide this option.)

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