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ma shkíná
"did you get up" - standard greeting (any time of day)
bäi (sounds almost like "boy" with a thick New Jersey accent)
"good/well" - standard answer in Chirripó valley (in Valle de la Estrella the reply is: shkína bäi)
ba déju
"did you come" (asked when someone arrives)
ba daju
"did you come" (asked when someone arrives)
ba damiju
"did you go up" (ask when meeting someone coming up the trail)
ba dakaju
"did you come down " (ask when meeting someone coming down the trail)
yes - can be used as answer to all of the above
ta (ata)
yes - used in affirming beliefs, etc.
sméiapa (contraction from "yis ...")
"I'm leaving" - used only if you are the one leaving
jää (sounds like "huh", long vowel - one syllable, not two)
OK, all right, fine; used in answer to sméiapa
jiräne ba kierä
what is your name?
yis kierä ______________
my name is ______________
Jesús kjeiyinopa (think "Cajun-Opa")
Jesus be praised
Jesús te ma kime
Jesus help (bless) you
God, a god
Jesúste bakíme
Jesus (-te marks the agent) bless/help you
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