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Prayer Update July  2009
In this Update:
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Prayer Needs

*Please pray for God to equip and prepare our teams going to Kenya and Rwanda this summer.

*Pray that all the discipleship teaching materials are translated in time!

*Pray for understanding across language barriers and cultural differences between American partners and African partners.

*Pray for team unity in content, purpose, mind, and spirit.

*Pray we will be clean vessels for God's use.

*Pray for our partners: Alfred, Bishop Lewa; Martin, Mbusa, Dieudonne, Joe Entwi, and Timothy.

*Pray for the strengthening of the churches in Africa and Costa Rica.

*Pray for our spiritual and physical safety and for good health.

*Pray for God to supply all our needs for Bibles and Discipleship resources.

*Pray for excellence in team members' preparation.

*Pray for the salvation of the 50 youth soldiers.


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*New resources under Resources

*Spanish edition of the Quick Reference Worldview Discipleship Teaching Manual.

*New Theological Discipleship Training Materials in English

*Cabécar edition of  Worldview Discipleship Pictures book.

*New Kinyarwandan and Swahili Theological Discipleship materials to be added soon.


The Kenya team are all in Kenya now, and are assembling together over the next two days in preparation for the conference Monday. Flight to Kenya was smooth for team members from the US; there is still travel ahead for both the US members and Kenyans as well.

Rwandan team members will be traveling this coming Friday through Monday.

Pray especially for God to strengthen his church in Kenya and Rwanda in these coming days. "On this Rock I will build my church, and the forces of Hades will not overpower it" (Matt 16.18). Jesus is indeed building his church on the steadfast confession of faith in him as believers come to know him as King and are set free to follow him! We are humbled to be, in a small way, a part of the work he is doing. Pray for these people and the growth of individuals, families, churches, and communities:

For Kenya and Rwanda Missions

Kenya Mission (July 16-25)

Team Co-laborers:

  • Joe and Tammie Friberg - Equip Disciples
  • Nathan Benke - NAMB missionary
  • Alfred Mtawali - Bible translator; Christian recording artist
  • Amos Lewa - Bishop, member of K. Fellowship of Pastors
  • John Magundo- head of Bible Translation Project East Coast
  • Jacob Njagi - Bible translator
  • Mary Nduati - MA Counseling and Bible, Counselor, Preacher
  • Jeremie Nzanzu - Computers
  • Mtawalis Band - Christian recording group from Kenya
  • James Nwje- assistant
  • Armstrong Ochieng- assistant

Partners: K. Fellowship of Pastors; Alfred Mtawali; Amos Lewa

Participants: 200 Multi-denominational ministry leaders and pastors from all areas of Kenya.

Conference Topics: Expository Preaching; Theological Discipleship Training; HIV/AIDS ministry training; Using Computers in Ministry (Powerpoint and E-Sword Bible Study Software; Video Editing); the Bible and Morals; Bible translation and the church; Counseling Topics; Evangelism; Missions Studies.

Rwanda Mission (July 26-August 3)

Team Co-laborers:

  • Tammie and Joe Friberg - Equip Disciples
  • Nathan Benke - NAMB missionary
  • Alfred Mtawali - Bible translator; Christian recording artist from Kenya
  • Jeff Caffey - Deacon, engineer
  • Jennifer Trevino - Public school teacher
  • Mary Nduati - MA Counseling and Bible, Counselor, Preacher
  • Dieudonne Karahanyuze - Missions Director
  • Martin Nzabanito - Beyond the Bridge Ministries
  • Two translators
  • James Nwje- sports
  • Armstrong Ochieng-sports

Partners: The Association of Evangelical Pastors of Rwanda; and the Methodist Churches of Rwanda; Dieudonne Karahanyuze

Participants: 100 Multi-denominational Ministry leaders and pastors from Rwanda. 50 Former Rwandan youth soldiers-from the fighting in DR Congo; orphans from the genocide.

Conference Topics: Theological Discipleship Training; HIV/AIDS Ministry Training; Bridges Materials; Missions Studies; Trauma Counseling; Youth Soldier discipleship and sports camp.


Financial Update

We have received a number of gifts over the past two week--and each with a word of encouragement and supporting prayers--which greatly enhance our ability to carry out these conferences in the most effective way possible. Thanks for all of these!

We have already shared recently with a number of friends the fact that these two conferences are not fully funded. We want all of our prayer partners to know the needs as a means of well-informed prayer and to be able to give should God so lead. Gifts received even now by mail or online can be forwarded to us in Kenya and Rwanda to help meet these needs.

The shortfall in funding quite simply means we won’t be able to provide as many Bibles or study materials for the pastors, or food that is as nutritious as desired and needed for brain-food, or sleeping arrangements (mattresses) to permit good rest for the week. (The conferences are long and mentally taxing, and while the spirit is willing, the flesh is sometimes weak.) Pray for all involved that God will give an extra measure of grace in absorbing all he has for each individual in these conferences.

The total amounts targeted for the conferences and the amounts still needed are as follows:

  Fully Funded Goal: Amount still needed:
Kenya Rwanda
Bibles and Resources 3,500 1,950 2,350
Food 2,000 2,000 1,000
Lodging (mattresses) 300 2,000 1,700

Rejoice with us that these numbers are in a significantly better position than just a week ago! Pray also that we would still be able to realize some significant savings on Bibles and resources in order to permit providing each attendee with a useful Bible study tool for their future study. In Kenya in particular, the Swahili Study Bible is out of stock, so we are prayerful that African Bibles Commentaries may be available even at a highly reduced price, and that this savings could make up for the remaining shortfall in this line item.

Finally, in order to provide a complete picture of the resources involved in leading these conferences, the following graphs show Equip Disciples' sources of income and expenses from 2008, which funded the conferences in Kenya and DR Congo last year. Note that the travel expenses for volunteers are covered either by the volunteer's own participant fees or by donations specified for this purpose.



Mtawalis Band

Our good friend and partner Alfred Mtawali is part of a band called MTAWALIS BAND. This group will be leading us in worship each day of our Kenyan conference. Over the past months, hey have been working on an album and working towards the album launch, but with a number of setbacks. At long last the launch is taking place this Sunday! Here's a recent post from Facebook:

Praise God it is on! There has been too much opposition from the enemy with this album, I guess the title "SATAN IS DEFEATED" does provoke him. we have been fighting battles and battles. Most recent when I sent one of my band members to make copies of cassettes, the master tape was found to be empty...how it was erased we don't know. When we were doing the master cassette, immediately the first line went "SHETANI AMESHINDWA...the devil is defeated" there was black out in the studios...we all laughed!! I had an ear ache...from nowhere...please pray...this is war not music alone...we know we have already won...

The Father works all things together for good, and one thing good that has come of the delays this album has experienced is that we get to be there and participate in the launch! Praise be to God in all things.

If you're on Facebook (or want to jump into Facebook), you can join the Mtawalis Band group by clicking this link. And, while you're at it, you could also join the Equip Disciples group through this link.

In fact, we rejoice when we are weak and you are strong. We also pray for this: your maturity.
(2 Corinthians 13:9)

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