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Prayer Update July 17, 2008
Church Leadership Conferences:
July 21-25
DR Congo
July 28-August 1
Pray for team members and indigenous partners:
*Tammie Friberg
M.Div. - teaching discipleship, women in ministry, evangelism
*Joe Friberg
MA Theology - teaching missions, discipleship, leadership
*Dr.Richard Barany
D.Min. - teaching hermeneutics, preaching
*Christina Barany
Photo journalist - teaching discipleship, SS workshop; taking photos
*Joel Friberg
student - teaching computers, sports, discipleship
*Gina Mares
Red Cross HIV certified teacher, DBU grad student in missions - teaching youth activities, SS workshop, HIV awareness
*Julius Moore
B.S. - teaching sports, art, discipleship
*Baron Tucker
 building, woodworking

*Alfred M.
Wycliffe translator, Equip Disciples partner
*Bishop Lewa
*Pastor Julius Nudi
*Pastor Samuel Nguma
*Pastor Gideon Safari Katana
*other pastors

*Pastor Martin N.
Pres. of BBM, Equip Disciples partner
*Rev Banyangiriki
*Rev Karahanyuze
*Rev. Kabano
*Pastor Mme-ULPGL
*Rev. Ntahorugiye
*Amos K.
*Alfred M.
(from Kenya)

Pray for:
*Excellence in preparation
*Spirit's leading
*Wisdom in presentation
*Good Health-both physical and spiritual
*Protection-both physical and spiritual
*One heart and mind
*Communication across language and cultural barriers
*For translators to be accurate and focused


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*New resources under Resources
(HIV/AIDS booklet to be posted soon)

*Read up on Kenya and Congo in the trip preparation section

Team leaves for Kenya and Congo

We're off!
Pray for us!

Of course it takes awhile to reach our destination. The conference in Kenya starts  Monday, and the conference in Congo is the following week. Approximate locations are shown on the right.

Kenya - (#1 on the map) Pray for us as we are going to minister to a region greatly influenced by Islam, drug trafficking, and immorality.   
DR Congo - (#2 on the map) Pray for peace in the east of the country and pray that militia groups will voluntarily lay down their arms so that there is no blood shed and no internally displaced people.  Pray for our safety and that the Lord will work mightily through us.

Our website also has more info on the church leadership conferences and the ministry to ex-child soldiers.

Ministry Update

Thanks to Mission Arlington for donating a couple of laptop computers and a digital camera. Christina Barany, a photojournalist, will be teaching the female child soldiers about photography and how to sell their pictures to journalists over the internet to earn money for their education and livelihood. She was inspired by missionaries in India who are doing the same. We're excited about this ministry as a way to help these youth reintegrate with society.

Ministry Spotlight

HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care

Gina Mares was recently featured in the Oak Cliff People newspaper for her upcoming work in Congo with Equip Disciples. (Read the news article here.) This is Gina's second year as a part of the discipleship mission team to Congo. One of her topics is teaching HIV/AIDS awareness to pastors, church educators, and child soldiers.

Gina is one of the main contributors to Equip Disciples' new booklet on HIV entitled, HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care: With Biblical Insights (pdf download). This booklet will be used by the conference participants to help in educating their own people about HIV prevention, Biblical principles for living, and care for those with HIV. It also gives them details on how to start Christ centered HIV outreach ministries.


God's Blessings are Inscrutable!

God shows his blessings in amazing ways--ways that just warm your heart. There are the gifts from children or from missionaries that are so special. There are gifts from family members and close friends. There are gifts from a special church or a another ministry. And there are gifts from friends who know us from afar. All of these are wound together into a wonderful strong rope, supporting the ministry.

We still have some monetary needs for Bibles and scholarships for church leaders.  It is not too late to give. So if God should move you, you may contribute online as well as at our mailing address (below).

Thank you for your support!

And here's a unique blessing: as we were settling on some rather-budget hotels in Kenya, the owner of a rather-large mansion contacted us and wanted us to stay there--for the budget hotel price!


Thank you for your Prayers and Support!

To the only God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, be glory, majesty, power, and authority before all time, now, and forever. Amen.
(Jude 25--HCSB)

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