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Prayer Update June 2010
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DR Congo
June 2010
June 2010
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June-July 2010
August/September 2010
Costa Rica,

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Power Distance Index- a Country Comparison
  • Geert Hofstede studied countries across the world to determine  how both leaders and followers view authority figures in their particular country.
  • He classified countries as either having a High Power Distance, or a Low Power Distance.
  • In High Power Distance countries, there is a great amount of distance between followers and leaders in terms of equality, respect, and degree of authority.
  • In Low Power Distance Countries, there is a great belief in all people having some ground of equality.
  • Did you know the USA is a Low Power Distance Country!
  • East Africa is almost 2 times greater on the Power Distance Scale than the USA. So if you take any distance we already think of between a pastor and the congregation, you must double it to understand Power Distance in East Africa.
  • Costa Rica falls lower than the USA on Low Power Distance!
  • Other Latin American countries rank as High Power Distance countries!
  • Countries with Arab influence rank really high on the Power Distance Scale...but India is actually the highest with 'the influence of Hinduism and the caste system!
  • To see comparative studies, look up Geert Hofstede and his Power Distance Index (PDI) on the Web. It is very interesting.
Thank you to our board members at Equip Disciples for their counsel, support, and encouragement throughout the years! Joe Friberg- Pres. and Treasurer; Jennifer Carson- Vice Pres.; Tammie Friberg- Sec.; and members: Brad Scott; Mark Carson; Cheryl Allovio; Jeff Caffey; and Phyllis Hardy.

Consider serving with Equip Disciples this year!

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New resources under Resources:

  • HIV/AIDS booklet has been posted in English and Swahili
  • Theological Discipleship manual in English has been updated

Prayer Guide

Please Print Off this portion of the Newsletter as a prayer guide for our upcoming conferences in Rwanda, DR Congo, and Kenya in June and July.

Ministry Trips to Rwanda, DR Congo, Kenya-led by Tammie and Joe Friberg. Training 700+ pastors in Theological Discipleship, 40 former youth soldier camp, and set up of a micro-financed internet cafe in Goma, DR Congo.

Team: Tammie and Joe Friberg; Alfred M.; Jeremie N.; Armstrong C.; James N.; Jacob N.; Edward; Amos L.; Dieudonne K.; Martin N.; Eli; Charles M.; Kenneth M.

June 11-13 Travel

June 14-16 Rwanda Pastor's Conference - EVANGELICAL  BAPTIST CHURCHES OF RWANDA

June 17-22  DR Congo- Former Child Soldier Youth Camp and Micro-finance business set up - BEYOND THE BRIDGE MINISTRIES

June 23 Travel

June 24-26  Nairobi Kenya Pastor's Conference - local pastor

June 27 Travel

June 28-30  Kenya Pastor's Advanced Conference - FELLOWSHIP OF EVANGELICAL PASTORS

July 1-3  Kenya Pastor's Conference - ASSOCIATION OF BAPTIST PASTORS

July 4-7 Travel

Possible Ministry Trip  July/August to Malawi - led by Nathan Benke. Crusade and Pastor's Conference. Team: Nathan, Tonnie, Tim, Elliot.

Future Possibilities: new partnerships in Kenya, Rwanda,  DR Congo and Ghana.

Equip Disciples Ministries: Thank you for your support and on-going prayers for us. We are truly grateful. This year's trips will be a challenge to us as we are doing five 3 day intensive conferences in a row, in 3 different countries.  Pray for our strength, our voices, our health, our team members, and for the absolute guidance and wisdom of the Spirit in all things. There is not a day that passes that we are not aware of the prayers you all offer on our behalf. We literally feel the undergirding and the incredible work of the Spirit. And we sense the empowering of the Spirit even as we are writing this newsletter.  He gives us what we need for each day and for each moment. May God bless you.  Pray for God's sovereign guidance, presence, providence, and protection to surround us as we teach and serve our Lord Jesus.  To Him be all glory, honor, and power.


Recent News:

BikeRunWalk4Bibles Report: We raised $2600 toward Bibles. 48 people participated; 19 Bibles given to Mission Arlington; Winners for raising the most support: Madelyn Allovio; Samantha Wolfe; Debbie Simmons; and Gina and Julius Moore. Thank you to Mimi Cheung for donating Chinese art; Phyllis Hardy for donating soaps, room sprays, candles, and lotions; and thanks to our t-shirt sponsors: Max Mechanical; David's Barbeque; Don-Wang Chinese Food.

We will be helping to set up an internet cafe in DR Congo for our partner ministry there to help train the former youth soldiers who became believers a couple of years ago in our youth camp.  The cafe will be self-sustaining with a 0% interest loan to pay back. Our partner ministry there will oversee the business and also use it as a ministry outlet and supply for local pastors and churches. It is being established on good business principles for the transformation of society and the growth of honest business practices and partnerships.  The cafe will also provide printing services, English classes, computer training, and Discipleship seminars, as well as other services. If you would like to give toward this endeavor, please see the listing below for items you can give for the cafe.  Micro financed businesses across the world help to strengthen economies and provide sustainable jobs for areas affected greatly by poverty, war, and disaster. We are starting this business as a potential model for future Equip Disciples micro-financed ministry related start-ups. 

Possible Mission Trip to Malawi- August. Nathan Benke, who served with us on 3 of our ministry trips last year, is praying about/planning to lead a team to Malawi for a crusade and pastor's conference in August as an extension of Equip Disciples. If you are interested in being on his team, please email him at ntbenke@att.net.



Do you Like Chinese ink paintings of bamboo, panda bears, or birds? As a sweet service to Equip Disciples, Mimi Cheung has offered prints of her personal and original Chinese paintings for sale through our ministry. 100% of proceeds go to our ministry needs. If you want to order her pictures, contact us (Tammie@equipdisciples.org; later we'll put a link on the website) Here are some of her pictures for sale:

New Translations of Theological Discipleship in Progress. Lauren and Ben Escoto are working on a Spanish translation of Theological Discipleship. This version will be used in the Costa Rica for the development of a future Cabecar Indian version of the materials.  Mimi Cheung is working on Illustrations for an upcoming Chinese version of Theological Discipleship.

Understanding Power Distances When Teaching and Preaching the Gospel

See the interesting information on the different Power Distances in different countries in the side column to the upper left. You can also go on-line and check it out yourself under Geert Hofstede's Power Distance Index. http://www.clearlycultural.com/geert-hofstede-cultural-dimensions/power-distance-index/  and http://www.geert-hofstede.com/  This is good information for understanding different cultures take on levels of authority. These are things we consider when working and teaching ordained pastors and church leaders.

High Power Distance Countries- belief that power is distributed unequally. Greater distances between leaders and followers and clergy and laity. See the numbers beside each country to indicate degree of power distance and compare with other countries.

Malaysia 104
Panama 95
Mexico 81
Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates 80
Sierra Leone, Ghana 77
Turkey 66
Thailand, Kenya (in Arab influenced parts of Kenya, the power distance is greater) 64

Low Power Distance Countries- belief that there is more equality between people, teachers and students, clergy and laity.

Italy 50
Argentina, South Africa 49
Jamaica 45
United States 40
Costa Rica 35
United Kingdom 35
Denmark 18
Israel 13

Ministry Needs

Praise the Lord for His Great and Wonderful Provisions for this year's Ministry Opportunities.

Our trips are 90% funded! We did not quite reach our goal for Bible distribution and for our micro-financed business goal for DR Congo. If you would like to still give toward our trips and ministries, here are some opportunities and needs. Funds can be sent to us through our board members even while we are in Africa.  Any amount raised over the listed needs below will go toward the same needs on a future trip.

Donations may be sent to Equip Disciples, 2126 Belmont Park Dr., Arlington, TX 76017. Checks made out to Equip Disciples.  All donations are tax deductible. Or you may donate on-line at Equip Disciples.org


We still need $500 to reach our goal.


Internet Café Micro-finance Project for Former Child Soldiers in DR Congo
To provide self-sustaining support for ex-child soldiers' training and school fees and daily needs. We have a location and building rented for our internet cafe. Below is a listing of needed items. This business will serve as a discipleship training center, and a service to churches and the community by providing internet access, printing needs, and various training opportunities.
  • $318 Server
  • $80 X 6 Monitors
  • $200 X 5 Thin Client mini computers
  • $200 Binding machine
  • $200 office supplies
  • $600 Billiard Table
  • $400 Mini restaurant supplies
  • $60 X 2 tables
  • $25 each for chairs


Thank You for your Support!

Equip Disciples is a 501(c)(3) non-profit ministry.
All donations are tax-deductable.


How Theological Discipleship is Being Used All Over the World

by Nathan Benke and Armstrong Ochieng


Nathan Benke: There is a great need for good Bible teaching in the world, especially in the poorer countries.  In these countries the pastors and church leaders hunger for good Bible teaching and will sit for hours listening to a trainer.  They often have limited or no theological training available.  

The lack of good training in these countries stems from several life situations.  First, most of these leaders do not have the resources to pay for Bible college training.  Second, the church leaders are measured by how many churches they start.  A new convert or someone with little training may be appointed to pastor a new church plant.  Another problem is the overemphasis of the working of the Spirit by some.  I have a great respect and love for these Christians, but with some this emphasis leads to unbiblical views on spiritual power, signs, emotions, prophesies, etc.  They may overstress the spirit without checking it against the Word of God to see if they are on the right track. 
I have personally used Equip Disciples materials in Costa Rica, Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, and India to teach at pastor conferences, youth groups, a Bible college, and a church service.  At each of these places I have watched God use the systematic style of teaching God's Word to open eyes, build up the church, and radically change lives.  The Equip Disciples manual is good training material for anyone.  It is especially effective in countries that have little access to quality Bible training. 

My name is Armstrong Ochieng, a born again Christian.  Last year I was trained on Theological Discipleship by the Equip Disciples Ministry and also served as a team member. 

I fellowship at the Jubilee Christian Church in Kenya. I am a youth minister dealing with kids ages 10-14.  I decided to train the youth concerning God's Kingdom for I felt it was imperative to lay this foundation to make deep their understanding of God's plan for mankind.

It was during this thought process that I saw that the Equip Disciples training manual would come in handy.  I love how it uses simple pictorial messages and very relevant Bible references to bring out the whole issue of God and His plan for us humans.

As I started teaching the kids, I discovered the idea was very much timely.  I mean, the kids loved how the topics call for their participation either in drawing the illustrations or constant reading of the Bible references.  I could see them smiling when they saw the pictures of the demons and evil spirits. The training manual has been designed in a unique way as there is a flow of events and lessons. It has helped my kids at church get a clear understanding of why things are the way they are.

I have just done the first two lessons as the topics allows the children to think critically and this has generated a lot of curiosity on them. Questions have always come in the midst of the lessons, sparking discussion.  There is a hunger for knowledge on God's Kingdom among the children and so I am looking forward to more enjoyable lessons ahead.  Especially we now are going to learn about how God communicates with people from Lesson 3. 

God bless you. 

"And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?"

(Esther 4:14c, Mordecai to Esther - HCSB)

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